If you follow me for a while, you probably know that one of my most favorite things to do, when I move to a new country is to explore it. 
And at the end of January I had the chance to pack my weekend bag and go down to Monterey Bay. I did that trip three years ago (here you can see my small magazine about my first ever American trip), driving the popular Highway 1, but I didn’t have enough time to stop and look around all the beautiful places. And this time I stayed in Monterey and explored the surroundings for two full days (still not enough). 

You can read about the trip and check out the few places that are worth visiting at 79ideas.
Here I would like to show you more pictures.


These words are so well known already that they sound almost like a cliché. But no matter how they sound they are so true. Today I found my inspiration in a card box. In the morning I received an unexpected package. It came in a card box and it wasn’t something that I ordered. Impatiently I opened the card box and there was another package with a beautiful birthday wish card from a dear friend from New York. The package as you see was incredible pretty. I stared at it for more than an hour, unable to unwrap it. And I felt so inspired by my friend’s work. I’m blessed to have such creative friends. I hope she could inspire you too. 
Thank you, Milena.


Few weeks ago I spotted that the morning light in my tiny guestroom is amazing and with my friend Martina we tested some new ideas of photography through different distortion. My idea of lens distortion is very simple: just adding different items in front of the lens. You can photograph and receive different result using glass, cloth, nylon, different textures etc. I tried to keep the things as simple and natural as possible and I think that the result is very beautiful and feminine.


I know ... Christmas is almost here. But if you are still looking for a small and fun decoration project - why not make this little clay trees. It is very easy to create it: just cut big isosceles clay triangle, waited for it to harden and made the stem of cork screw. Then style them nice and pretty in a group. 
And at the end I would like to wish you Happy Holidays. 


It is this time of the year again. Are you ready with all of your packaging? I’m not (as usual I will wait the last minute) but that’s ok. Here I have one old idea for gift wrapping for photography lovers. Pack your gifts with instant film pictures. It could be an old Polaroid or you can use the modern one Fuji for example. I promise it is simple and yet pretty.